Flying House is a collective of arts professionals based in Joburg, dedicated to securing better income generation opportunities for performing artists.

Flying House is a not-for-profit organisation. We seek new ways of creating sustainability for the performing arts industry in Johannesburg and beyond. We aim to establish a hub where like-minded freelance industry professionals can create, produce and market targeted products and services under one brand, while maintaining their own artistic identities. Some of our services and products include:

  • productions
  • experiential learning: courses and workshops
  • live events: think tanks, trading floors, industry nights
  • exhibitions
  • consultations: arts entrepreneurship, creative thinking, arts-based research
  • community arts education

We trade in: ideas, imagination, beauty, sustainable thinking, mentorship.

We believe in: equal opportunity, artists getting paid their worth, imagination, sustainable livelihoods, independent theatre.

We are not for profit: after we've paid ourselves, our traders, collaborators, we put any extra funding towards artist residencies, bursaries, and community upliftment projects that enhance dignity, creativity and self-empowerment.

We are a collective of:

  • Performing artists
  • Choreographers
  • Teaching artists
  • Writers
  • Designers
  • Researchers
  • Arts Administrators

Vision: The vision of Flying House is to cultivate creativity and imagination, and develop sustainability 

within the performing arts.

Mission: Flying House provides a hub for like-minded artists to share creative exploration, 

professional development, resources, administrative support and income generation opportunities 

within the South African performing arts sector.  It serves artists, as well as organisations, corporate 

entities and schools.


  • Build a recognized and respected brand that resonates with fellow artists and stakeholders; 

and reflects our aspirations, culture, values, uniqueness and the benefits we offer.  

  • Establish a performing arts hub in Johannesburg that will provide members and clients with space 

and support services that are essential to the efficient conduct of sustainable business and income 


  • Through the Flying House hub and brand, deliver outstanding annual artistic and developmental 

programming offering new and engaging opportunities for artists to advance their work and strengthen 

the field as a whole, based on a combination of imagination and practical support.

Values: Sense of community and integration in collaborating; sharing opportunities, learning and 

development; and managing and accessing resources collectively.  Encourage and enable creative 

innovation, artistic integrity, and imagination through provision of practical support.  Operate in an 

accountable, transparent and responsible manner with strong leadership and governance ensuring 

the strategic, financial and operation success of Flying House for its members and stakeholders.

Activities: Workshops, performances, events, consultations, live think tanks, experiential learning 

events, creation of artistic products, mentoring and support, performing arts management, monitoring 

and evaluation.